About Us

Founded in 2006, the Kuki Students Organization, Mumbai (KSO-M) is a branch of Kuki Students Organization head quarted at Manipur. Since then, we have grown, though modestly, with about 100 active undergraduate and graduate members at present year. As is the tradition in other KSO branches in other cities, we (KSO-M) hosted the first Mumbai Kuki Student Freshers' meet in 2006 and have since established an annual KSO tradition. Recently KSO Mumbai hosted the first ever KUT celebration, an annual autumn festival of the Chin-Kuki-Mizo, in Mumbai.

For more information about KSO, contact any of our executive members/ office bearers. To join KSO Mumbai please contact our Secretary, Neopu Lhouvum @ franxis@yahoo.com. Feel free to actively involve in the Mumbai Kuki Students Community. Looking forward to your participation in building our Nation through this student body.



Our users

This website can be particularly helpful for all Kuki students in Mumbai. It is one the media through which we would like to keep intouch the student community in Mumbai and also showcase the news and events of KSO Mumbai. We would like everyone to contribute in enriching our rich culture and tradition through writing articles to be posted here in this website.

The articles and writings published here do not necessarily reflect the official position and standing of KSO Mumbai.