Contact Number

Date: 31/07/2012 | By: Thangboi

KSO lamkai ho contact number neihinsei peh thei diu. Please send at


Date: 01/12/2011 | By: ♥ Girl20pretty ♥

♥ yes this ia a free social network chat under ♥

more photos please!!!!!!!!

Date: 09/08/2010 | By: kso-iite

kso function ho a photo ki la ho agan thei chan a up-load hinbol theileu chun kipa umin te. TQ

NCP VP Chungsei Haokip assassinated.

Date: 25/04/2010 | By: Hangchon

Vice president of the Manipur unit Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) vice president Chungsei Haokip was shot dead and injured one other by unidentified gunmen this evening at New Checkon in Imphal East district. Reports said that at around 7 pm today some gunmen pumped in Chungsei and one other at a tea stall killing the NCP leader. Chungsei Haokip was 57 years old.
The injured person identified as one Haokai has been rushed to a hospital. Till the filing of this story no clues could be gathered. Even the assailants are yet to claim responsibility for the act. Reports said that Chungsei Haokip was in the RJP, Manipur unit

Re: NCP VP Chungsei Haokip assassinated.

Date: 27/04/2010 | By: KSO Mumbai

Good Job! Keep posting...

Sports Buget

Date: 17/04/2010 | By: Gl. Minthang Haokip

Gl. Minlen Haokip Fin. Secy. Kso Mumbai in sports a din budget hinsem doh tale vang kipa um inte.

Re: Sports Buget

Date: 20/04/2010 | By: KSO Mumbai

Sopi Minthang, Sports ding nahin gel khoh chu kipa aum lheh e. Ahin, tu din mun a din ahah jep nah lai ding jeh in ol gel khom kit ding in aki ngaito tai. I gon thei diu phat leh mipi hung ki update kit tei nante.

more pics

Date: 09/04/2010 | By: xyz

can we have more pictures? m sure we have loads of better pics than these. Thanks....

kipa aum e

Date: 06/04/2010 | By: Gou

Website boldi aki ti a chu, hiche tobang a hoi a boldia kon phalna na peh u ham?
Phalna achuombeh a nahung kilah kit u ngai veh ta...

Re: kipa aum e

Date: 07/04/2010 | By: KSO Mumbai

Hi Gou, hitobang tilkhouna thudoh hohi tamleh leiset chung hin athase koima um pon te..

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