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KSO Mid Term Audit

03/04/2010 18:31
The mid-term audit for KSO Mumbai (2009-2010) will be conducted on 18 April,2010 under the watchful eye of the auditor,Pa Jangchon Lhouvum. This is initiated so as to keep a clean track on the flow of money within the Organization.

KSO Executive Body Meeting

18/11/2008 16:11
The Executive committee meeting of KSO(M) office bearers will be held very soon. Agenda to be discussed in the meeting are welcome from all KSO Members.


18/11/2008 06:26
Hello all, We hope you will all like to meet for Christmas. We will see the possibility of having a Christmas advent programme in Mumbai. Let us know how many of us are staying in Mumbai during Christmas. We can arrange a Christmas feast. That would be great!! Share your opinion now!!!

Your opinions matter.


Date: 24/11/2008 | By: stephen

lets have advent christmas yaar!!


Date: 27/10/2009 | By: chonghoi singson

sure!cy not? we'll rock this year.


Date: 04/05/2011 | By: Shanti

I would like to say hello to you all next month.Please let me know when is your next fellowship scheduled to be held? I will be in Bombay on 26th June.I am happy to know you have got more people now in your KSO ..Keep up the good work!!

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