2010 KWS News

03/04/2010 16:53

KWS News

1.      KWS(M) Election for 2010 – 11 was held on the 7th March, 2010 after the ser vice. The election was presided over by Boilal Gangte and Hemlien Haokip as the election officers. Three committee members have been elected for the posts of Chairman, Secretary and Finance secretary.


The following are the new committee members:

Pa Paoboi Lhungdim                        Chairman

Pa Jangchon Lhouvum                     Secretary

Pa Lunkhongam Haokip                       Finance Secretary


2.      KWS Mumbai announces Awards for Holy matrimony. In a recent announcement made by the KWS Executive Committee, there is some good news for the next-in-line to-be-wed couples. The announcement states that a gift of Rs. 3000/- will be awarded to individual members who will tie the knot  in holy matrimony.


Interestingly Rs. 3000 multiplied by two is SAANG-GUP. Therefore, if both the individuals of the next in line couples are from KWS Mumbai, the fellowship will grant Rs. 6000/- (Saang gup).  


3.      Also, the frequency of KWS (M)  fellowshiping will be increased from once a month (1st Sunday)to twice (1st and 3rd Sunday) a month as per the consensus made by the Church Members on 7th March 2010. This change will be implemented from April 2010.