New Babes in Mumbai

03/04/2010 17:00

Of late, Kukis in Mumbai are flooded with new good looking babes‚Ķranging from dark brown to milky complexion. They are our pride and our future, as only few members are aware of them KSO  is proud to introduce these attractive & lovely babes to you all:

*       Bby.Nehemiah Haokip  s/o Pa Mangneo & Nu Martha

*       Bby.Chingtinthem Haokip, d/o Pa Lunkhongam & Nu Boicy

*       Bby.( Min kisa nailou, as of 3rd April) s/o Pa Seikholen & Nu Lamcy


It is also believed that the introduction of Sang-gup policy by the KWS(M) will have a huge impact on the emergence of more lovely babes in Mumbai.